Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gorilla - Kawahata

This is the Gorilla from Fumiaki Kawahata's Origami Sekai no Yasei Dobutsu (Wild Animals of the World) published in 1996. Even though the book is in Japanese, the diagrams are excellently drawn, making text unnecessary.

Pretty much all of the detail in the folding is in the head. It uses sort of two mini half-prelimary bases, one on top of each other. The top corner of the smaller half-preliminary base makes the nose.

I find I can never quite get the arms right, as they're sort of an unusal rabbit-ear motion, but this is my best attempt.

I find if I get the angle right for the squash fold on the top of his head, it makes it look like he has shadows where his eyes should be, giving him an interesting expression.

The model is folded from a standard 15cm x 15cm single sheet of Origami paper, manufactured by The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto, ON, Canada. Because the model makes very good use of the regions on the paper, it ends up being a very large model.