Friday, March 31, 2006

Swan - Kensner

This is Gregory Kensner's Swan that was published in Robert Harbin's Origami 4 (1977). The book is very rare, and I don't have an original copy. Instead, I was able to purchase (quite inexpensively) a Hebrew copy from an online book retailer in Israel. There are over a hundred models in the book, and although the diagrams can be difficult to make out at times, it's still possible to fold from them without any English text (I don't know Hebrew).

The swan is curious for its time, because it doesn't use any kind of a traditional base, which was rare for birds back then. I really like the fin-like wings, and the strong sturdy frame. This model holds its shape well, and perches nicely.

The model is folded from a standard 15cm x 15cm single sheet of Origami paper, manufactured by The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto, ON, Canada.

As you can see from the photos, the paper gets quite thick when folding the head, but I think if you're strong enough to fold it without tearing or buckling too much, it's worth sticking with the 15cm square rather than going larger.