Tuesday, April 11, 2006

African Elephant - Montroll

This is the African Elephant from John Montroll's African Animals in Origami (1992). The model is folded from a single 15cm square sheet of Origami paper, one side blue and the other side white.

This was one of the first elephants that I enjoyed making. I found a lot of elephants don't really look too much like the animal, but this one has a decent elephant likeness.

I bought the book when it was new, and it was probably the last Origami book I bought for several years afterward. I had sort of hit a dry spot with Origami at the time with what was available. I was pretty much limited by what was available in English because of local suppliers, and just wasn't feeling inspired. It wasn't until years later that internet commerce opened up enough to bring to me some really creative books from around the world.