Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dachshund - Montroll

This is the Dachshund from John Montroll's Origami Sculptures (1989). This model is folded from a modification of Montroll's dog base, which is really a pretty versatile base. It's folded from a single 15cm square of Origami paper.

Oddly enough, sometimes I make a marking error when starting this model, and end up with a much longer dog than I'm supposed to, with smaller back legs. It's pretty funny, and I'm still not sure how that happens. I'll try and get a photo of that. Let me know if that ever happens to you.

My copy of the book is a first printing from Antroll Publishing Company, not Dover. I believe that was a self-published book by someone in Montroll's family, but I don't know why Dover wasn't publishing Montroll's books at the time (I have a similar printing for his Prehistoric Origami book). I picked up the book at a little independent bookstore when it was new, and was pretty excited at the time, since I had made such great use out of his classic Animal Origami for the Enthusiast book (which is still probably my all time favourite book, and the one I'd pick to take with me if I was only allowed to bring one Origami book with me to a desert island made of paper).