Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Duck - Fox's Prison Break

This is a Duck/Crane. Okay, so it's not an advanced model, but it did pose a challenge for me to figure out. Fox TV has a series called Prison Break, whereby the main character makes Origami Ducks (though he calls them Cranes for some reason, likely for the symbolic meaning) used for various purposes.

Using some photos fans captured from the series, I came up with various prototypes and ran them by my good friend Ann for review and useful suggestions about changes to make. Thanks Ann!

Together we eventually came up with a perfect replica of the model last fall while the series was still fresh and new enough to make the model "cool". Now I can recreate such exciting scenes from the tv series as floating the duck down streams, and leaving it as a calling card to shady types.

Much later on, when browsing through my books, I found a swan model by Kunihiko Kasahara that is very similar in its base architecture to the duck. The model is in Creative Origami (1977). The model is 3. Swan on page 24. I probably did make that swan model over a decade ago, so I can't be certain some memory wasn't involved when interpreting the duck.

The duck is folded from some regular lined notepad paper, cut into a 15cm square.