Saturday, April 01, 2006

Due Cigni - Derudas

This is Due Cigni (Dual Swan) by David Derudas. I don't believe this model has been published yet, but you can find a PDF of the diagrams here.

It uses an unusual modified fish base, with a colour change so that one of the swans is a different colour (using the white side of the paper).

People looking at this model often have a hard time believing that it's just a single sheet of paper, with no cutting. Think of the necks of the swans as being two tightly folded opposing corners of the paper, and that can help you see the layout.

The most challenging part of the model is getting the circular crimp folds right for the wings. I've never been the best at making free-hand crimp folds, so I tried this model to get some practice.

The model is folded from a standard 15cm x 15cm single sheet of Origami paper, manufactured by AITOH of South San Fancisco, CA, USA, and manufactured in Japan.