Sunday, April 09, 2006

Giraffe - Montroll

This is the Giraffe from John Montroll's Animal Origami for the Enthusiast (1985). This is a great giraffe, but one that I find turns out best with 25cm square paper-backed foil. Here, I made it with a 15cm square of regular Origami paper, and as you can see the head starts to unfold. It's a solid model though, with much of the body locked/tucked in.

This giraffe was created long before Montroll came up with his dog base, but the similarities are striking. This model is very similar to his horse from Origami Sculptures published 4 years later. It looks so different because the proportions are different. The neck is far longer, and the body much shorter.

I had trouble getting good shots of this model with my camera. It might have been because of the yellow paper under the light I used. I'd like to take another shot at it, but with one made of paper-backed foil.

Even if I had made this model out of 25cm square paper, it would have held together better in the head. Still, hopefully you can see the great detail. The giraffe has ears and horns!