Friday, April 28, 2006

Husky - Montroll

This is Husky, a dog from John Montroll's Origami Sculptures (1989). I never feel I get this model quite right, but that's because dogs are challenging models to fold. Even more challenging is trying to get a specific breed right!

While the Dachshund seems a perfect representation, Husky I'm not so sure about. Even so, I still like the Husky model. It's folded from yet another variation of Montroll's dog base. This time, you fold a horizontally symmetrical version of the base, so that the part that is to become the head and tail are the same size. I'd really like to try and use this variation of the dog base to make something else, as it's unusual and I'm sure there is something it's just perfect for.

The model in the photos is folded from a standard sheet of 15cm square Origami paper.