Thursday, April 06, 2006

Japanese Devil - Maekawa

This is my interpretation of Jun Maekawa's Japanese Devil. I folded the model from diagrams drawn by Hugo Pereira, available in PDF from here. This model is folded from a single 25cm square sheet of paper with no cutting┬╣. It took me close to 4 hours to fold this model!

This model was originally published with partial diagrams in the book Viva! Origami (1983) by Kunihiko Kasahara and Jun Maekawa. This model (and others like it in the book) was very influential, because for the first time Origami models could have eyes, horns, a mouth with a tongue, and hands with 5 fingers; all with no cutting!

If I'd used foil-backed paper, the model's face would have held together better. I would like to use that next time, when I brave folding the model again. Also, with foil I'd be able to make the face vertical (as some versions of this model are), rather than horizontal. Though I do like the more beast-like dragon-esque appearance of the long horizontal mouth you see here. You can see some wearing of the corners of the model, because I had to re-fold areas to figure out the diagrams (the folds for the model are really tough to diagram).

This model really was a treat for me to fold, because I'd seen it in a copy of Viva! Origami at the Japanese Pavilion in Disney's Epcot Centre many (many!) years ago, and thought it beyond my ability (and likely at the time it was). I regret not purchasing the book back then, but I did buy two other fairly expensive books by Kasahara that day (from which I made many great models) so that is some comfort. Maybe some day the book will be back in print, and I'll be able to get a copy of it.

You can also find Hideo Komatu's diagrams of this model that were published in Origami Tanteidan Newsletter #56.

┬╣You should usually assume there is no cutting for any of the Origami models in this blog; but with the extraordinary level of detail for this model, I wanted to make that clear.