Monday, April 10, 2006

Ostrich - Warner

This is Bill Warner's Ostrich from Origami 4 (1977) by Robert Harbin. The model appears on the cover of most printings of the book. It's folded from a single 15cm square sheet of Origami paper.

The Ostrich is a surprisingly difficult model to fold. It's from a bird base with one half inverted for a white colour change. It was when I got to the point of forming the tail/plume that I ran into trouble, but surmounted.

The model is photographed inside a plastic hockey puck display case, because I wanted to show it standing up (the model doesn't stand on its own). The hockey puck cases are really good for displaying some models, as they make it easy for people to pick them up and handle them. The plastic though is a little too dull compared to other clear display cases.