Thursday, April 20, 2006

Panda - Nishikawa

This is Panda from Works of Seiji Nishikawa (2003). The book is published by Gallery OrigamiHouse and is written in Japanese and English. The diagrams are very well drawn, and the paper, toner, and binding used make the book beautiful. There are also full colour photographs of the models in the first few pages.

The model is folded from two (yes two, I feel no shame) sheets of 15cm square Origami paper, each one side white and one side black. Origami purism, with one sheet and no cutting, is really just something that took hold over the last 20 years. You'll find many models in classic books that require some cutting or multiple sheets. Personally, I prefer folding models from a single sheet, because of the greater challenge, as well as the magic and wonder that comes from it. However, some models such as this Panda are just too cute not to make. And you will see other models in the future on this blog that totally warrant two sheets of paper and deserve to be admired anyway.

For this model, the head is a single sheet of paper and the body another. I used a little bit of scotch tape to hold the head in place on the body. What a cute expression on his face!

Nishikawa has some really great cartoon-like models in the book, that have such lovely proportions that I'm sure you'll see many of them in this blog in the months to come.