Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rabbit - Momotani

This is Rabbit from Shin Origami Rando: Doubutsu no Origami (New Origami Land: Origami Animal Vol. 11) by Yoshihide Momotani, published in 2001.

The book has some really cute animals, with some really original proportions and architecture. I definately want to obtain some more books by Momotani, including one called "Cute Origami" (so the models in it must be cute too, wink wink).

I found that I didn't get this rabbit folded right until the fourth try. You have to eye the proportions when you fold the model, with very few marking folds to help you along the way. But folding that way a good thing to know how to do, and this is a great model to practice it on. And since you'll get two rabbits out of one square of Origami paper, you'll have plenty of paper to get this model right.

The model is folded from a 2:1 rectangle, cut as half of a 15cm square of Origami paper. It ends up very small, and cute! I've already given the earlier versions away, so no photos are here; but even though they were a kind of freakish menagerie of misproportion, they were still cute perched together in their rabbit sort of way (so don't get discouraged if your models don't come out right).

In the last photo, I have a larger version of the rabbit folded from two sheets of 15cm square Origami paper. For most models made from a 2:1 rectangle you can't use two separate sheets to fold them, but for this one the front and back parts of the model are pretty isolated. It was no problem to join the two part way through the steps. What do you think of it?