Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rhinoceros - Montroll

This is Rhinoceros from Origami Sculptures (1989) by John Montroll. The model is folded from a custom base, with a medium-sized preliminary base grafted onto it.

I was really impressed with this model when I first folded it, because of the high level of detail in the head. The horns and ears really make the model appealing.

I think that this is Montroll's best Rhinoceros, though I find the front and back legs don't line up well when made from standard-sized Origami paper. I folded the model (in the photos) from a single 15cm square sheet of Origami paper, with one side pink and the other side white. I think the model would turn out better from 25cm paper, but the one here gets a lot of "oh it's so cute" exclamations because of its small stature.