Friday, April 21, 2006

Struthiomimus - Montroll

This is Struthiomimus by John Montroll from his Prehistoric Origami (1989). Say that three times fast! STRUTH-ee-oh-MEEM-us. The name means "Ostrich Mimic".

Not much to say about this model, except that although it looks great, it doesn't freestand well. I had to lean it up against the wall to pose it. I was able to balance it a few times on the feet, but it wasn't stable. Perhaps I just need to fold it differently.

The model was folded from a single sheet of 15cm square Origami paper.

This book was one of the first Origami books dedicated just to Dinosaurs. It might even be the first, but I can't say definitively so.

Without much more to say, I guess just enjoy the photos :)