Thursday, April 27, 2006

Unicorn - Momotani

This is Unicorn from Shin Origami Rando: Doubutsu no Origami (New Origami Land: Origami Animal Vol. 11) by Yoshihide Momotani, published in 2001. The book is written in Japanese, but the diagrams are very good so no English is needed.

This model is folded from a standard Fish base. I was very surprised about the base used, because I don't usually see animals folded from that base. I think it works fairly well. Origami unicorns are tough to get the proportions right for some reason, and often don't look very horse-like. I think this one looks a little more goat-like than a horse, but you be the judge.

The model holds together very well, and won't unfold over time. Event though the back legs are just pinched to make them, they still seem to hold up the model very well and stay together.

I really do like the horn on the head, as for unicorns, that is a tough thing to get right. The horn has a very sharp and solid appearance, and is pointed at the correct angle.

I've thought about trying to round the trunk of the model to make it less 2D, but I there isn't really enough paper there to make it work (the trunk would be really skinny and it would look like a emaciated unicorn/goat thing).

I folded the model from a standard 15cm square sheet of pink Origami paper.