Monday, May 15, 2006

Frog - Yoshizawa

This is Frog by Akira Yoshizawa from his work, Creative Origami (year unknown). I don't have the words to describe the greatness that is Akira Yoshizawa, and thanks to the New York Times, I don't have to. You can read Yoshizawa's two-page obituary here.

I picked up the book this model came from because after Yoshizawa passed away, I realized that I wanted to try again to make models by him. Freefolding models has never been a strong suit for me, but I'm getting better at it and I think that you'll see more of them folded by me in the future. It was this book that made me want to try Momotani's Rabbit that has some freefolding.

Sadly, I don't do this model justice. But that's the difficulty with models designed by Yoshizawa. They're deceptively simple, and yet they require such a creative touch that you have to add something of yourself to them to get them to come out right. It's not at all just a matter of angle bisecting folds. You can view models actually folded by him displayed at Yurindo Bookstore here.

If I remember correctly, I folded the model from something that resembled a Waterbomb base. You're supposed to shape the head so it's a frog face, but it just didn't work for me. Some day I'll get it right! The model was folded from a standard 15cm sheet of Origami paper.

I've had a hard time finding books by Akira Yoshizawa, so this is my only one. If you do find one somewhere, be sure to treasure it.