Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yoda - O'Hanlon

This is Yoda by Dr Stephen O'Hanlon. You can view a PDF of the instructions of the model here, compliments of his personal web site.

This is a very good early attempt at Yoda. Although the proportions are off (he's a little tall and thin) I like the model. It's folded from a blitz with the flaps rabbit-eared. Then a mountain kite fold creates the head and what will become the arms and legs.

The model doesn't really freestand well when made from a 15cm sheet of Origami paper as seen here. But I think if I folded from something larger, I could shape out the body and he'd stand okay. The model also could work well as a finger puppet.

I did play around with the design a bit once, and ended up with a shorter version with much bigger ears. He ended up looking like a Gremlin (well, the Gizmo pre-Gremlin Mogwai), which now makes me think that might be something fun to try making.